Charlotte Urban Lumber

Now supplying locally salvaged, up-cycled, Arborist Approved, Urban Lumber in Charlotte, NC!

Why Buy from Us?

At Releaf Tree our primary focus is building resilient systems. Resiliency creates very little waste and at the end of most jobs we’ve often get asked what we’re going to do with “all that wood”. “Good question” was the typical response and taking it to the “dump” was the easiest solution in years past. It’s understandable that living amongst trees inevitably leads to a situation where the presence of a tree in relation to human activity pushes the threshold of their tolerance to risk. Dead or undesirable trees in urban settings must be removed, this is a natural process of progress. As a Tree company we provide the service of removing trees in that situation and rather than just discard of these heritage trees, we’re taking responsibility and opportunity to use this resource as urban lumber, some call debris, and let it live a second life. We can sell local urban lumber to you in a variety of forms: Green or Kiln Dried, Rough cut, Planed, or Sanded and ready for finishing.

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