Do you offer 24-hour emergency tree care?

Do you offer 24-hour emergency tree care in Charlotte?

Releaf Tree Works offers 24-hour emergency tree service in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding Mecklinburg County area – including Huntersville, Lake Wylie, Lake Norman and beyond.  If a storm has made a mess of your yard, be reassured that we’re here to help any time, every day of the year. We’ll remove fallen trees and restore your property safely.

You can take action before a storm hits, too, by talking with one of our certified ISA Arborists about how preventative tree care can help avoid damage during a storm.  While there are some things that can’t be avoided, like lightening striking a tree — there are some things that can be avoided by allowing us to check up on your tree’s overall health.  This will help ensure that your trees are healthy and strong to endure a storm.  Because there are some things that can be avoided — like a wind storm taking down a dying tree.

On February 24, 2016, in Charlotte North Carolina and surrounding towns of Mecklinburg County, a wind storm took down many trees — closing down some roads, including Queens Road due to a tree falling overnight.  We recommend that if you have a tree fallen due to a storm in the Lake Wylie or Huntersville area, that you call Releaf Tree Works to assist with the emergency tree removal or tree trimming to help clean up your yard.

If we find that any trees on your property are suffering from disease — we can administer a treatment plan to help bring it back to full health.  Some tree preservation techniques include trimming, pruning, soil management, and fertilization.  We offer all of these services and can help identify any issues that your trees might have.

If your property suffered damages from a storm and you attempted to clean up on your own, then you know that it’s a job better left for the professionals.  Storm tree removal should be left to our team of certified ISA arborists and tree climbers at Releaf Tree Works in Charlotte, NC.  Please consider us the next time a storm rolls through and let us be your one-stop-shop for emergency tree care in Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Norman, and Lake Wylie.