Emergency Tree Service in Charlotte, NC

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service is usually needed suddenly after a storm. And because storms hit any time during the day or night, we’re available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer comprehensive tree care services like emergency tree removal when you need it.

Charlotte and the surrounding areas are prone to high winds from thunderstorms and hurricanes. High winds can do devastating damage to a tree with loose limbs or that is already weakened due to age or disease. While we highly suggest preventive tree care, not every situation can be anticipated. Some perfectly healthy trees can be blown to the ground by powerful winds or struck by lightning. We’re here to help.

Storm Damage Clean Up

Most of our calls for emergency tree service involve removing a fallen tree or heavy branches. When you’ve already experienced damage from a fallen tree, you don’t want to risk more harm to the landscaping with heavy equipment. Our owner is an ISA-certified arborist who cleverly uses rope techniques in his process. This prevents the need for cranes and other heavy machinery to remove large trees from your property.

Our services are often needed because trees have fallen in inconvenient places like across the driveway or roadway or onto the home. While moving a tree may seem like a task you and your friends can handle, it can be complex and dangerous work. Branches can become tangled in the high winds, and even more so when the tree falls. Bound tightly together, when they are cut into, they can unwind like a corkscrew. The action is violent, strong and has been known to knock the chainsaw right out of the hands of skilled tree care specialists. Don’t put yourself in danger.

Our emergency tree service can quickly remove any impediments and hazards. We can then schedule a time to do further work like stump grinding or stump removal from the fallen tree, or tree trimming to help prevent more disastrous scenarios.

Emergency Tree Removal

Storms aren’t the only cause for emergency tree service. Diseased or old trees worsen in condition over time, until one day it is apparent they will need to be cut down. It’s important to get to these trees before a storm or a gust of wind gets to them to prevent major damage to your property. We provide free estimates on all of our tree services.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau. We provide emergency tree service in Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Wylie and all of the nearby communities.

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