How much does removing a tree cost?

We always urge you to call in with questions you might have and one we often get asked is; “How much does it cost to remove a tree?” The answer is… Well, it depends. There are many factors that come into play when estimating the time it will take to remove a specific tree.


Of course, the size of the tree is a big factor when it comes to cost of tree removal. The bigger the tree, the greater the cost will be. However, typically you can save yourself some money by leaving the wood onsite.


The location of the tree is another factor when determining the costs of removing a tree. Is your tree in the front yard or backyard? Is there access for machinery to move the heavy wood or does it have to be loaded by hand? We try to save ourself the backache by working smarter not harder by using mechanical advantage though, if the situation calls for it, we have burly bearded men to do the heavy lifting and accomplish any tough access job. Typically, hand loading wood takes longer than loading with a machine so you can expect a tough access tree to cost more than a solo tree in the front yard and accessible from the street.

Potential Risk/ Climber Risk

Many times, hopefully more often than not, a tree is being removed because it’s dead or is decinling past a point of no return. It is important to call a Certified Arborist as soon as you see signs of decline in your canopy or changes you may have noticed around the base of the tree because the closer to death a tree becomes the more brittle and dangerous it becomes to climb and perform work. If called soon enough, we can help save you money and potential property damage.
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