River Tree Cleanup

Nestled 100 meters behind a suburban backyard, PK, Brock and I set to work on an uncommon job: clearing a fallen tree in a babbling brook.  Truth be told, the brook was not babbling.  It was more stagnant than anything else — partially due to the dry weather of late, but mostly due to debris that had built up around the fallen tree, creating a dam that kept the water from flowing freely.  Our job was to remove the tree, and scatter the wood throughout the wooded part of the back yard.

Brock and PK set a line and were lofting a rope high in a tree across the river, planning a zip-line scenario where we would piece out the tree and glide logs across the brook.  A few minutes later we all looked at each other and PK said, you know, we could just chop this up and carry the logs up the river bank.  As soon as the words left his mouth we all nooded in agreement.  Let’s do it!

There was a fence that separated the lawn from the wooded wilderness, and the butt of the tree had fallen on a portion of the fence.  Without a gate to let us through, we found ourselves hopping back and forth over the fence.  I was on the lawn side with the saw and passed it over to Brock.  He cut the tree in half as it popped off the fence and splashed into the brook — in a small pond of about 2 feet of water.

PK quickly jumped to the tree, assisting Brock with the task of cutting the tree into smaller pieces.  I hopped over the fence and trekked down the embankment, carefully stepping over the rocky parts of the brook as to not fall into the water.  Meanwhile, PK schlopped through the deepest part without hesitation, boldly breaking in his knee-high galoshes.

Brock and I lifted a piece, one on each side, and made our way with the log up the bank, and placed the tree back into nature.  We repeated this until the tree was completely removed from the river.

After the tree was removed we all took part in a fine cleanup of the river bank — removing trash, debris, small sticks and chunks of wood.  It turned from a “tree job” to an environmental “good deed” of the week.  It felt good to sit back and look at the freshly cleaned river bank.  Not only did we complete the job in record time, we helped improve the look of the back yard as well as helped the water flow again freely down the brook.

Brock took the leaf blower, per usual, to add his finishing touch to the clean-up as PK hopped in the truck and headed to the next work site.  I packed the gear back in the van.  And off we went to the next job.  Team work makes the dream work.