Tree Cutting Service

Choosing the Best Company to Do the Job Right

Second generation ISA Certified Charlotte arborist, Brock Holtzclaw, of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been managing his Charlotte tree care company, Releaf Tree Works, since it made its debut in 2011.  The local tree care company, though small in comparison to other tree businesses in Charlotte, boasts itself in delivering affordable, fast and efficient tree care for trees and shrubs of all varieties and sizes.

Tree Cutting & Removing Trees with Quality and Care:

The secret to finding fast and efficient tree cutting and removal services is deeply embedded in the Holtzclaw family history. The family has been delivering high quality tree care to the Carolina’s since 1973.  Son to the owner and founder of one of Charlotte’s earliest tree care companies, Brock Holtzclaw learned how to climb and prune trees using ropes and pulley systems at a young age.  Brock furthered his education by completing the Horticulture and Arboriculture program at NC State.  While studying there, Brock Holtzclaw became one of the youngest ISA Certified Arborists in the world and competed in tree climbing competitions before opening and operating his own tree care company, Releaf Tree Works.

Tree Cutting as a Way of Life, Not Just as a Business Model:

Tree removal can be done efficiently and cost effectively when the right team does the job.  The team at Releaf Tree Works cuts down trees with passion and skill.  Taking down trees is not the end of a tree’s life; it is the start of a new one.  Depending on the project, Releaf Tree Works can recycle the trees into wood chips, firewood, and can incorporate into building new landscape designs.  The Releaf Tree Works team loves diving into tree-care projects of all kinds, including planting and removing trees on commercial and residential properties, construction zones, and fertilizing declining trees using organic solutions.  This local tree care company prides itself in providing around the clock service – no matter the day or time, Releaf Tree Works will respond to the call.  Tree pruning and trimming, as well as planting and tree removal are a handful of the services that the company provides.

If you are looking to remove a tree on your property in Charlotte, North Carolina, or need the expert tree planting skills of an ISA Certified Arborist, look no further than Releaf Tree Works in Charlotte, North Carolina.