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Tree Planting in Charlotte, NC

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If you’re considering tree planting, it’s important to work with a certified arborist for beautiful and healthy results. The location, soil, drainage and species selection are important. You want your tree to grace your property for a lifetime. We do too. Our licensed, certified tree services team can help you with free consultations and estimates.

How to Plant a Tree

Tree planting starts with choosing the right location. You want to consider the reach of the root system, the slope of the land, and how much water and shade each species needs.

When you plant a tree, you also need to consider how large it will grow. Generally, the bigger the crown, the wider the root system. If a species has very large and aggressive roots, such as an oak, it can make your sidewalks uneven, disrupt your foundation or even crack your underground pipes. We’ll help you plant the right tree with care and foresight.

Our tree services will choose the right location, dig the hole, position the sapling and support it with stakes if needed. Once your tree is established, our tree services will help it stay healthy and beautiful. We can perform tree trimming to help the strongest limbs thrive while removing weaker ones. And don’t forget about regular tree fertilization. It maintains the proper balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium nutrient at every stage of life.

As it matures, tree preservation is a worthwhile investment. This includes tree trimming, soil monitoring and pest management.

Tree Planting Tips

When planting trees, consider your tolerance for maintenance. Deciduous trees that drop a lot of leaves or seedlings will require raking and cleaning out your gutters. These are things that a licensed arborist can help you with in your tree planting decision.

Knowing when to plant trees is also important. Some can be planted in the fall and others in spring. Let our tree service be your tree planting guide anywhere in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We know when to plant fruit trees, pines, flowering varieties and ornamentals.

Tree planting that is done right adds to your quality of life, helps the environment and can increase property values of your neighborhood by 15 to 20 percent. You will get sure results if you choose a licensed company with a certified tree science background. Our owner grew up in the tree industry, the son of a master arborist, and was inducted into the International Society of Arboriculture at age 20. We know our local species and work hard to earn our customers’ loyalty. We are members of the BBB and fully licensed and insured.

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