Tree Pruning Service

How often do you look up a tree and think, “Gosh, that’s a beautiful tree!”, and can’t quite figure out how or why it’s beautiful? That poses a very important follow-up question: what makes a tree beautiful?  Simply put: a beautiful tree is a healthy tree.  And what makes a tree healthy?  Often people judge a tree’s health based on its aesthetics, and yes, that’s true – a big tree with limbs that stretch out evenly on all sides with a full coat of glistening leaves can be a beautiful sight that shows signs of good health– but what about lopsided and bendy, tilted and twisted trees?  Sometimes those non-conforming trees can be the most beautiful of them all – because they are a faithful reminder that nature is imperfect and beautiful all at the same time.  Here at Releaf Tree Works, we believe that all trees have the potential to be beautiful – and proactive and restorative pruning are some of the most important things that should be done regularly with trees of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Why Do I Need to Prune My Trees?

A common question property owners ask is, “Why do I need to prune my trees?” — the bigger question is, “what makes a tree healthy?”.  A combination of regular pruning, trimming and fertilization can help ensure a tree continues to grow into the healthiest version it can be.  Just as humans and automobiles need regular check-ups and tune-ups by industry professionals–trees also need regular maintenance by professional arborists.  Certified arborists are the best professionals suited for pruning trees, and Releaf Tree Work’s owner and founder, ISA Certified Arborist, Brock Holtzclaw, knows the best methods for trimming and pruning trees, based on his experience and knowledge gained from studying Horticulture at NC State, as well as his family’s history in the Charlotte, North Carolina tree pruning business.  Do you have a limb hanging too close to the roof or getting in the way of cars in your driveway?  We can access the limb to see if it can be pruned or removed without causing damage to the rest of the tree.  Brock knows that regular pruning give trees and shrubs the potential to grow healthy, beautiful, and strong through all seasons — and scheduling an appointment with a certified arborist is a good first step to determining the best course of action for your trees.

When Should I Prune My Trees?

Most industry professionals agree that the best time of year to prune a tree is in the autumn season, after the heat of the summer and before the cold of winter.  While we agree this is true, we also remind property owners that trees are resilient and can endure trimming and pruning in any season.  The best advice we can give is to schedule an estimate with a local arborist, such as Brock Holtzclaw with Releaf Tree Works, to access your trees on an individual basis and determine the best time of year to prune each tree on your property.