Can you remove a tree from my property in Charlotte?

A limb fell on my property after a storm. Can you remove the limb and also take down the tree?

While cutting a tree down is usually a last resort — it is sometimes necessary. What happens when a tree is struck by lightning or fallen down due to a wind storm?  Releaf Tree Works in Charlotte, North Carolina can help remove trees from your property — especially in an emergency situation.

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and home to hundreds of thousands of beautiful trees.  The Catawba Native Americans were the first known settlers of Charlotte — and took shelter under the trees and lived their daily lives under their canopy — similar to how we do today.

The shade that tree-lined streets provide us with a cooler temperature to participate in a more active lifestyle, and university studies show that people and animals are happier around trees because trees have positive affects on our physical and mental health.

Maintaining tree health in Charlotte, North Carolina not only preserves our overall quality of life, health and well-being — it also preserves the history that a lot of these trees hold.  While trees do not live forever, as human beings we can contribute to the overall tree population by planting a new tree when we take down an old, dying one.  

So, while we will happily take down a tree to suit your project and property goals — we also might encourage you to consider planting a new tree.  We can help with that too — from testing the soil and scouting out the best location on your property for planting a new tree.  Once the tree is planted, we can also help in the overall preservation of that tree by fertilizing it, giving it regular branch trimmings and more.