Tree Removal

How Are Trees Removed from a Property?

Trees can be removed in different ways for a variety of reasons.  Some of the methods of tree removal include the use of bucket trucks, mechanical crane booms, and rope and pulley systems.  Arborists in Charlotte, North Carolina use a collection of tree and shrub removal methods to cut down trees based on the scope of the project.  Whether a tree is declining in health or needs to be removed to make way for a new landscape design, sometimes tree removal is necessary and Releaf Tree Works is ready to take on any job – large and small.

How to Remove a Tree in a Tight Space:

Large tree removal projects that take place in small, enclosed yards usually require the use of rope and pulley systems.  The reason for this?  Bulky bucket trucks simply cannot fit.  The solution: climbers setup rope and pulley systems to safely cut the tree into small, manageable pieces, and lower the pieces and limbs to the ground.  Once the tree pieces and limbs are on the ground, the grounds men can use their manpower, machine power, or a combination of both to carry the limbs to the chipper and/or dump truck.

How to Remove a Tree in a Large, Open Space:

Tree removal projects that take place in large, open spaces – or at least in a space that can be accessed by a large truck, can be done using the method of the arborist’s choice.  If a tree is dead and is unsafe to climb, a climber might utilize a crane or bucket truck to get the job done.

Our Most Popular Tree Removal Technique:

Rope and pulley techniques have been used for years, and are always being improved and perfected every day thanks to innovative rope technology, improved climbing practices, and advancements in mechanical rigging technology.  Releaf Tree Work’s owner and founder, Certified ISA Arborist, Brock Holtzclaw of Charlotte, North Carolina, believes in the importance of staying on top of tree industry trends and best practices.