Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation in Charlotte, North Carolina

Tree Preservation in Charlotte, North Carolina

Tree Preservation Services

Tree preservation  is a combination of all of our services when administered skillfully and consistently to the trees on your property over the course of time.  From tree planting, to removal, to fertilization, to limb pruning and tree trimming — a combination of all of our services can help improve the aesthetics of your property, increase property value, minimize liability, and also help you maintain a “green” and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Regular tree trimming and pruning is necessary for all trees large and small — it improves the overall health of the tree and also looks appealing to the eye, too. Careful cuts ensure that energy will go to the strongest limbs, while removing problematic limbs.  Ideally tree preservation is a lifetime process that starts shortly after tree planting — but it can also be started well into the life of the tree.

And if you are considering adding some shade, we can help you to not only plant the trees, but also can help you select the right species and space for it.

Furthermore, we can come to your property and test the soil and perform routine tree fertilization to keep it growing strong.   Soil management, root management, risk assessment, vegetation management, the implementation of support systems, lightning protection, protection around construction zones, pest diagnosis and pest management are all important elements in the tree preservation.

If a tree falls on your property?  Releaf Tree Works can remove it.

If canker worms are a problem and you want to mitigate an infestation — we can perform the service of tree banding, including both the implementation and removal.
From planting to tree preservation, our legacy stretches back two generations even though our company is young. Our owner, the son of a Master Arborist, was inducted into the ISA’s Southeast chapter at only 20 years old.

We offer you deep expertise and dedication to providing tree services in Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Wylie and throughout Mecklenburg County.

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