Tree Stump Removal

Here is a common scenario and dilemma for property owners during a tree removal project: A tree has been cut down and removed from the property, and the end of the project is in sight – however, jutting out of the ground is a reminder that a mighty tree once lived there; the stump.  Some property owners put stump removal and grinding at the bottom of their priority list – and that makes sense, since it is at the bottom of the tree.  However, should stump removal be done immediately after a tree is removed?  Are there consequences for letting a stump stay in place?  In this post we will discuss the different scenarios and common answers to the age old question: should I remove the tree stump or let it stay?

What is the Benefit to Removing a Stump?

Some property owners struggle with the question, should we remove the stump right away or wait until next year’s landscape project?  Ultimately, there are no major negative threats to the environment for allowing a stump to stay on the property (other than a tripping hazard or unsightly landscape attribute).  If tripping is not an issue, and if you don’t mind the sight of the stump – then letting the stump stay is perfectly fine.  However, property owners can usually find a better deal by having the stump removed by the same arborist who removes the tree.  Releaf Tree Works offers stump grinding and stump removal in Charlotte, North Carolina as an additional service to property owners who wish to make way for new scenery.

How to Decide Whether To Remove a Stump or Not:

Grinding down a stump is ultimately the decision of the property owner or property manager, as the process usually poses an additional cost to the project.  However, the cost of removing a stump is usually worth it in the long run.  New landscape design elements can be implemented in the place of the old stump, and ultimately a property manager can add more value to the property in the long run.  It’s all about the curb appeal and if you have a large tree stump or cluster of stumps from small shrubs – then your curb might not be appealing to the eye.  Stump removal can be done best when the right stump grinding equipment is used.  Releaf Tree Works uses robust, expert-quality stump grinders to remove tree stumps on landscape projects in North Carolina.  Certified Arborists with Releaf Tree Works can help you make your decision based on your financial and creative goals.