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Who are we?

We are a tree care company that offers a wide range of local tree services performed with passion and skill.  Our Charlotte-based arborists are ISA Certified and are here to help plant, protect and maintain your trees at an affordable price.

How can we help your trees?

As a tree care company, we want to be responsible for every ring in every trunk on your land.  Whether you need professional support with tree planting, pruning, removal, or fertilization – we are ready to manage your project.

Where are we located?

  • Releaf Tree Works is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, reaching neighborhoods of Myers Park, Plaza Midwood, South End, South Park, Uptown, Elizabeth, Windsor Park and more.
  • We also extend our reach to Ballantyne, Huntersville, Lake Wylie and parts of Lake Norman and beyond.
  • Not sure if you are located in our service range? Click here to contact us.

What can you find on our site?

  • If you’re looking to learn more about the science of arboriculture, check out Brock’s Tree Blog to indulge the tree nerd inside of you.
  • Are you a visual person?  So are we!  We love to take videos and photos of our work.  To browse our media archives, go to our recent work section.
  • If you want to learn more about the various tree services that we offer, click or tap through each of the images below.



Tree Preservation

As your new or established trees grow, they will need care and direction. This can come in the form of trimming, pruning, thinning or removing deadwood. Releaf Tree Works can assess your trees and perform the work needed to preserve them.


Tree Removal

Tree removal is performed on your property to eliminate dead or dying trees that pose any kind of risk to your home or surrounding areas. Releaf Tree Works can remove trees of all sizes as well as grind and remove stumps following the tree removal.


Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning – cutting out any dead, diseased, or damaged branches –keeps your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the year.  Call Releaf Tree Works today to talk about how tree trimming can be beneficial.


Tree Fertilization

Regular tree fertilization helps maintain a tree’s health and should be administered by an arborist to ensure proper application.  As local arborists, we know how to fertilize a tree and can provide a treatment plan.


Tree Planting

If you’re considering tree planting, it’s important to work with a certified arborist for beautiful and healthy results. The location, soil, drainage and species selection are important. Our licensed, certified tree services team can help you with free consultations and estimates.


Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service is usually needed after a heavy wind or major lightening storm. And since storms hit any time during the day or night, Releaf Tree Works is committed to making ourselves available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer tree removal when you need it.


Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, the stump needs to be removed, too.  Stump grinding is a process using high-powered equipment that chips away at a tree trunk until it’s level or below grade. Releaf Tree Works offers stump grinding services – call us today to discuss our services in Charlotte, NC.


Tree Banding

Tree Banding is a service that Releaf Tree Works offers to prevent Cankerworm from making their way up into the canopy and consequently spreading to other trees. The process involves wrapping your trees with a non-toxic sticky substance called Tanglefoot.  Call us today.


Certified Arborist, Brock Holtzclaw of Charlotte, North Carolina

Certified Arborist, Brock Holtzclaw of Charlotte, North Carolina


Brock Holtzclaw

Owner / Releaf Tree Works

It’s hard to deny how a mature tree’s canopy can have the presence to impact our urban landscape and our everyday lives. Not only do mature trees provide our neighborhoods with a sense of scale and protection, they also positively affect our moods and overall level of happiness.